Hoover Lodge #644
Free and Accepted Masons of Alabama
Hoover Alabama

Hoover Masonic Lodge #644
F. & A.M.
3445 Sierra Drive
Hoover, Alabama 35216

Even though the world is changing dramatically, the lessons that Freemasonry teaches us are valuable today as they were centuries ago.

Among these lessons, Masonry teaches us to always be mindful of our outward demeanor, to exert the utmost energy into preserving patience in our daily lives and towards others, and to act in accordance of the law with fealty and loyalty.

As our great and noble fraternity has expanded even to the corners of the world and beyond into cyberspace, it has had to adapt to modern times. As a result, many individual Lodges are expanding themselves to the internet in order to present a valuable source of information to their members and to those seeking Masonry.

Hoover Lodge #644 is proud to be among these Lodges and all the brethren thereof hope that this site will be a valuable asset in the years to come, and that it helps us revitalize the splendor that Hoover Lodge, and the Lodges therein composed once held. So from all the Brethren of Hoover Lodge #644, we bid you welcome!

2016 - 2017 Officers

  Mike Kozlik, WM
Cody Lowrey,SW
Josh King, JW
Bill Ringler, Treasurer
Bob Kachelhofer, Secretary
Jeff Hawkins, SD
Ken Hartsock, JD
George Stewart, Tiler
Bob Beaver, SS
 Radu Moisa, JS
Ragan Boling, Chaplain
David Jones, Historian

Proud supporters of:
Three Hots and a Cot
Hoover Youth Football
Hoover Youth Baseball

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